Melville Forestry Services
We specialize in harvesting sensitive sites
such as wetlands & around people’s
houses.  Harvesting is quite permissible in
these locations, but the consequences of
failing to match work schedule & job
conditions can have lasting effects on the
environment and people’s attitudes towards
Topping for logging operations
Residential tree removal
In some cases it is beneficial to remove the branches & top from the tree before it
is felled (cut down).  It can reduce the likelihood that very valuable trees such as
black cherry will split when they hit the ground after being felled.  It can reduce
breakage of branches, resulting in merchantable logs that would otherwise be
unusable because of being shattered on impact.  It can reduce breakage to trees
which will remain standing in the forest after the harvest, resulting in a more
aesthetically pleasing harvest.   This is not the same as topping trees in people’s
With more than 35 years of tree climbing experience, MFS has the experience to
remove trees around houses, power lines, gardens and other things that are
important to you.  Usually limbs are lowered on ropes to protect structures below.
 Under some circumstances, a crane may be hired to assist with particularly
difficult trees.
What We Do
Where we do it

We are located near the
center of Pennsylvania, USA.  
In general, we try to do
logging work within an hour
drive of State College, PA.  For
topping work we will travel as
far as four hours drive from
State College.  That includes
all of Pennsylvania, southern
New York, eastern Ohio,
northern Maryland, Virginia &
West Virginia, and parts of
New Jersey & Delaware.
Import / Export

MFS is currently expanding
into the export of logs,
primarily red & white oak
harvested here in
. We are also
looking into the import of
tropical hardwoods and pine
from Central America.  
visited Honduras in 2001 for a
USAID and AF&PA mission on
certifying forest products.
This trip laid the groundwork
for his interest in
international expansion and  
strengthened his desire to
invest in the emerging  forest
products sector in the
Central American region.  
Stay tuned.

MFS offers courses to other loggers & to landowners.  These include chainsaw
training, erosion control, logging safety, job layout and log grading & bucking.
In addition, Martin will speak to scouts, school classes, social organizations
and government officials about issues related to logging
Marking Skid Trails