The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) initiated a program called the
Sustainable Forestry Initiative.  

The idea is that the forest products industry doesn’t need to wait around for government
regulation to address environmental issues related to timber harvesting.  

By being proactive, they can address these issues themselves without the need for
further regulation.  Thirty-plus states have such programs, including Pennsylvania.

As a tool to distinguish loggers who adhere to exemplary standards in their operations
apart from their peers, the SFI Program in Pennsylvania initiated a program called
Master Logger.  

To qualify, loggers must attend courses in chainsaw safety & operation, erosion control,
business management, first aid, and additional electives.  They must then pass field
inspections of both an active & a retired job.

The logger must be re-accredited every 2 years.  Additional site inspections can be
triggered if complaints are registered with the SFI office in State College.

MFS is proud to have earned this distinguished accreditation.

Melville Forestry Services
Master Logger